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MODEL : LX 570
TRANS. : Automatic
ENGINE (CC): 5.7
FUEL TYPE : Petrol
YEAR : 2019
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Car Details

2019 LEXUS LX 570 8 SEATER 

The Lexus LX model stands for our “Luxury Crossover”, our flagship SUV can tackle remote, rugged terrains in luxury, while refined touches and in-built entertainment ensure the LX stands out as the no-compromise choice for the modern adventurer.

  • The LX’s 5.7-liter V8 engine boasts a wide torque band able to generate approximately 90 percent of its maximum torque at 2,000 rpm. Combined with a Super Intelligent Electronically Controlled Eight-speed Automatic Transmission, the LX demonstrates easy acceleration on-road and ample power at low and medium speeds off-road.
  • Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) improves handling by adjusting the steering gear ratio according to the speed of the vehicle, thus providing outstanding maneuverability and cruising stability despite the size of the vehicle.
  • Customize Mode has been included for the first time among the drive mode settings on a Lexus. Upon selection of Customize Mode, the powertrain, chassis, and air conditioning controls can each be freely adjusted. This enables the driver to select a driving mode better suited to his or her preferences, thereby improving the driving experience.
  • To complement the Drive Mode Select Switch, the LX comes equipped with 4-Wheel Active Height Control suspension (AHC) and Adaptive Variable Suspension system (AVS), both of which freely control the vehicle’s suspension. 4-Wheel AHC automatically controls vehicle height in various situations; for example, when the Lexus-first Easy Access feature is active, vehicle height is lowered when the engine is turned off in order to facilitate ingress and egress. In addition, AVS automatically adjusts the attenuation force of the suspension to suit the prevailing driving conditions, naturally and smoothly controlling the vehicle’s vibrations and providing outstanding comfort, maneuverability, and stability.
  • Two features assist driving depending on the prevailing off-road conditions: Crawl Control allows the vehicle to be operated at extremely low speeds through use of the steering wheel alone, without the need to use the accelerator or brake pedals, while the Multi-terrain Select switch increases AWD performance by optimizing traction and brake control. When driving with Crawl Control implemented, turn assist functions are engaged to enhance turning capabilities. This reduces the number of times the steering wheel has to be turned when executing tight turns, thus making the driver’s job easier.
  • The LX is also equipped with Multi-terrain Monitors, a system of four cameras that monitor conditions around the vehicle. The system allows the driver to check the road conditions in six blind spot areas around the vehicle, both on and off the road, and facilitates driving on narrow roads or moving over to the road shoulder. In addition, as a Lexus first, the LX features an under-floor view that allows the driver to check both conditions under the vehicle and tire positions while driving off-road



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